We Provide

Admission Appeals

Full management of your school appeals with a team of fully trained panel members and clerks.

Exclusion Hearings

Administrative arrangements for your governing body hearing and/or Independent Review Panels.

Governor Services

Dedicated clerking support arranged for school governors, enabling efficient processes.

Case Presentation

A trained Clerks Consultant will be assigned to work closely with you and present your case.

Education Consultancy

Our education experts can provide assistance with a broad range of educational services.


Our training courses are tailored for your institution and individual requirements.

Independent Admission Appeal Hearings

We work closely with you, providing advice on admission procedures. Clerks Associates UK will carry out all the necessary legal requirements in accordance with the legislation in force, and associated guidelines, currently including: –

· The most recent Schools’ Admission Code applicable to the school year concerned.

· The most recent School Admission Appeals Code applicable to the school year concerned.

Our services include:


Clerking of hearings


Communicating with appellants


Producing and distributing decision letters


Document management


Compliance with and advise on statutory guidance


Selection of fully trained independent panellists

Independent Exclusion Review Hearings

For exclusion reviews we provide a complete administrative service which includes; the appointment of independent panellists for the reviews; writing to appellants; copying and distributing all relevant documentation; clerking the hearing and; preparation of and distribution of decision letters.

We have a pool of fully trained panellists, many of whom are current or retired judges, lawyers and/or JP’s. You can be assured that no matter how complex the case, you will be in safe hands.

Furthermore, by fully managing this review process, we save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your key educational business.

Governor Services

We provide clerking services and support for all types of Governors meetings associated to a variety of education establishments including Academies, Maintained Schools, Voluntary-Aided Schools (primary and secondary), MATs and UTCs.

Our clerks have a background in education and business, including education charities and as company secretaries.

They are fully trained to support governing bodies. Furthermore, our clerks will provide procedural advice on governance matters as appropriate.

Services include:


We work the school’s preferred portal and support remote hearings


Preparation of draft agendas for approval by the Chair


Distribution of paperwork to all parties and individuals within specified timescale


Minuting of the meeting(s); providing a draft copy for approval; distribution of final signed off minutes


Maintaining register of attendance. Reporting this to Governors, the Local Authority and/or Diocese as required


Assisting with any necessary action in collaboration with the chair on the appointment or removal of Governors

Presenting Your Case

At Clerks Associates we recognise the time and cost implications to admission authorities in presenting their case at appeals. We can present your institutions case where a trained, independent and experienced Clerks Consultant will be assigned to work closely with you.

Our independent Consultant will visit your school, liaise with Headteachers and Admission Officers pulling together the school’s case and presenting it on your behalf to the parents and the independent appeals panel.

You can be confident in the knowledge that your case will be presented professionally and efficiently, enabling you to prioritise your time for educational achievements.

Education Consultancy

We are pleased to offer an expert consultancy service, which covers a broad range of education services. We have several in-house Education Consultants with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise. Below you can read more about two of our Senior Education Consultants:


Matt Miller MBE – Senior Consultant

Appointed as one of the first National Leaders of Governance (NLG) in March 2012, Matt has been mentoring and coaching Chairs of Governors in schools across North and East London.

Nandarani Parmar – Senior Consultant

Extensive experience in school leadership; educational consultancy in headship; school improvement; inspections and; executive and strategic direction within larger educational organisations.


Admissions Appeals Training
We are experts in providing training courses about the law relating to admissions. Our courses provide a presentation of an admission appeal hearing and include practical exercises to aid with the various stages of the decision making process for infant and secondary appeals and, give a complete overview of The School Admissions & Admission Appeals Codes.

Our training covers:

> The admission arrangement;
> Normal, In-year and Fair Access admissions;
> Fairness, Natural justice & Equalities legislation;
> Appeal Hearings – organisation, procedure, and roles & responsibilities;
> Appeal panel decision making processes
> Lessons and best practice from the Ombudsman / ESFA complaints.

Exclusion Review Training
We understand the challenging nature of exclusion reviews, our training supports headteachers, governors, clerks, and independent review panels to get it right first time and to:

> Understand the changes in the current Exclusions guidance in force & temporary coronavirus regulations;
> Consider law and guidance covering the headteacher’s decision to exclude;
> Explore Governors’ and IRP duties and decision-making processes;
> The role of the Clerk;
> Examine the role of the SEN Expert;
> Consider the impact of human rights, equality legislation, case law and ombudsman decisions.

Governor Training
We have developed a series of training modules and workshops specifically designed to support Governors in providing the best learning outcomes for pupils.
The new Ofsted framework has raised the bar in terms of accountability for Governors with ‘leadership’ at the heart of securing better teaching, better governance and better schools. With more and more Academies coming on-line and the ever changing educational landscape there is one constant: ‘high quality governance is crucial to driving school improvement’.
Although there is a differing regulatory framework for academies and schools, the principles of good governance remain the same.

Coming Soon

We will soon be launching our dedicated training and resources website under the marketing name of Clerks Academy.

Our Training is recognised by The CPD Standards Office.

We provide training for Clerks, Chairs, Panel Members, Presenting Officers, as well as to other professionals involved in education and the various hearing and reviews processes. To find out more contact us today.



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